Saturday, March 6, 2010

PIBG Meeting

Today we have PIBG meeting to run through last session 2009. And "rewards" given out to over 100 students of UPSR scoring from 1As to 7As. Some cases brought up were that school don't give out receipts, aircon cost additional RM40, Suggestion box was in bad state, etc. Good news is that the MET (My English Tutor) program is up and running whereby students can log on to do english work, new ID tags for students for quicker access of their daily attendence, and students will be graded 80% from written exams and 20% from their "behaviour".

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  1. Another issued raised by parents are the school toilets very stinky until students try to avoid using it. When I check with my son, he confirm and say sometimes when he use the toilet he feel like throwing out. Good news is the PIBG together with the school will add another 10 e-classroom within this year. The school also started the Hanyu pinyin class for the standard 1 morning session as a pilot run.